The writing life…

I woke up to check on my kids yesterday morning, about 5:00 in the morning.  Woke up out of a dream with snatches of “Low Man’s Lyric” by Metallica, and a random visual scene, of a veteran hovering over a trash fire in an alley in a hard rain.

I’m currently working on writing a story spawned by the song and the visual.  I wrote about 2,500 words yesterday, and I’m nowhere near finished with the story.  I’m not entirely sure if it’s going to be short story, novella, or novel.  If it’s under 10,000 words, I’ll publish it on the blog; if it’s under 40,000, I’ll publish it on Kindle (with a link) for $.99; and if it’s over 40,000, I’ll set it aside when the first draft is done and treat it like I’m treating my other novels: beta read once or twice, then published via CreateSpace, and Kindle.

Unfortunately, I have no idea as of yet what this piece is going to do.  I have a vague outline in my head, and a very strong first person character telling me the story.  It’s a little slow paced for a good short, so it may well be more.  I’ll know when it’s done.

The Godshead is, for the most part, done.  It’s no longer a simple collection of short stories, but more a novel told in short story form with several recurring points of view.  I’m waiting to hear back from a second beta reader, and then I need to decide if I like the cover art my friend came up with.  If I don’t come up with any better ideas, I’ll scan it in and use it.  I’m planning on publishing it in December.  I’ll post a link when I get it done.

The sequel is not being cooperative.  I’m going to have to have time away from students and grading papers to write that one, I think.  I’m going to have to play with it a bit.  I’ve got the plot in my head–it’s just getting it down on paper that’s giving me issues.

Another project that’s done on the first draft, The Last Pendragon, is sitting on my hard drive, sitting beside me in hard copy, and my read-through for major plot holes is…half finished.  I’m hoping to finish that next week, over Thanksgiving Break, and have it in the hands of my beta readers in January.

I have the sequel (and there will be only one) already outlined.  I don’t think it’ll take very long to write, once I get other unfinished projects done, and have the time to work on it.