No free ice cream for a while…

I went sorting through my fiction files, last night, hoping to find something suitable to post for tomorrow, and found…nothing.  I had a few fragments (one of which I finished writing last night, but needs to be set aside for a few days before I edit it), but nothing finished.

Well, nothing suitable for a pleasant, holiday weekend’s reading, at least. 

I’ll put up the other Modern Gods story I’ve got sitting around sometime next week.  It’s a lot darker than the two I’ve already put up.  A lot darker.  

The characters are Maenads.  And they believe that their god has either died, or forgotten them.  And they’re talking about all of the wonderful things they’ve done for his glory in the past, and what they’ve done recently to attempt to regain his attention. 

It’s not a pretty story.  It’s getting posted a week from tomorrow.