The writing life…

I’ve finished one short story fragment that I started writing (then got stuck on) my junior or senior year at MSSU (sometime between August ’99 and May ’02).  I’ve set it aside for a while, so that I can edit and revise it with fresh eyes in a couple of weeks.

A second fragment I started at about the same time is getting outlined.  I have a basic plot (character A meets character B.  They hit it off.  Adventures ensue), but need to work on figuring out specifics, like rising action, climax, falling action and conclusion.  I like the characters, though.  They’ve got an interesting dynamic.

The piece inspired by “Low Man’s Lyric” has…sort of stalled.  I guess I need to outline it, too.

Last, but not least: I need to scan in my cover art for The Godshead.  I really want to get that published before the beginning of December.

I should have between five and seven weeks coming up to finish outlines, and to work on editing finished stuff (including my other finished first draft of a novel).

Stay tuned: there will be another story posted probably this coming Wednesday.