The writing life…

The Godshead is now published.  Done.  Ready for purchase.  If anyone is interested, email me at with your contact information, and I’ll be willing to send you a signed copy for cover price plus shipping.

The book is also linked to the Amazon page over on the left.

I’m currently wrapping up grading for the semester.  I’ve got this week’s worth of blogs to grade, however many revisions that will be turned in next week (should be about two dozen, but best guess is less than fifteen), and next week’s blogs.  I should have grades pretty much finalized by a week from Saturday, and then I’ll have about six weeks free.  Six weeks of time to write…

…except there’s Christmas in there, somewhere.  And New Year’s.  Both of which will cut into writing time.

But family’s worth it.  Right?  And friends?  I think I still have friends outside my family, and outside of my blog friends, at least.

Hmm…maybe I should spend a bit less time writing this break, and a bit more time trying to organize a few get-togethers.