Goals for the week

I’m trying to start setting goals, both in writing and for other things.  I’m going to be starting small, though–real, concrete goals, not just huge, overarching things like “write a novel” or “lose weight.”

And, since I’m done with grading, now, I’ll start with writing goals:

1. I will finish revising the first draft of The Last Pendragon (and outlining it to make sure there’s no glaring plot holes).

2. I will finish the outline for my new novel idea, tentatively titled Little Girls Lost.  It’s an idea that’s been done to death–a woman who happens to be a vampire rescues a woman from a near-rape, only to make friends, hunt down her maker, and scare the living shit out of near-victim-friend’s emotionally abusive family–but I might as well write one, and have fun in the doing.

3. I will write the outline for The Godshead‘s sequel, tentatively titled either Road Trip or Highway to Tartarus.

As for my life goals for the week, I’m going to work on getting the kitchen cleaned up, and finishing the vest I’m knitting.

And as for my goals for my family, I’m going to be trying to be a little more patient with my four year old son.  The weather sucks balls (we dropped from the upper forties for a high, today, to a last recorded temperature of thirty-two farenheit, with a wind chill of twenty-one, a projected low of twenty, and a hard north wind–and tomorrow’s high is two degrees higher than the last recorded temperature of an hour ago).   My son is, like all boys, a bundle of energy, with no way to burn it off, in a 1300 square-foot house, with no garage like at his grandparents’.  And he expresses the frustration through acting up, driving me up the wall, across the ceiling, and down the other side.

Thank God my mom has agreed to babysit both kids for the day on Wednesday.  I could use a day doing nothing but spending time with my husband without little creatures hanging off my elbows and chirping at me.  As adorable as it is, I do miss grown-up time.