Update on goals…

Sunday night, I outlined a set of goals that I just realized were very ambitious.  I have met some of them, but not all.

1. I will finish revising the first draft of The Last Pendragon (and outlining it to make sure there’s no glaring plot holes)

I almost finished that one.  I would have been finished last night, but wound up with a monster migraine knocking me out of being able to focus on anything other than how much my head hurt, and making sure the kids didn’t kill themselves/each other.

2. I will finish the outline for my new novel idea, tentatively titled Little Girls Lost.  It’s an idea that’s been done to death–a woman who happens to be a vampire rescues a woman from a near-rape, only to make friends, hunt down her maker, and scare the living shit out of near-victim-friend’s emotionally abusive family–but I might as well write one, and have fun in the doing.

Did a good bit on that one, but not quite sure of some of the rising action, or of the climax.

3. I will write the outline for The Godshead‘s sequel, tentatively titled either Road Trip or Highway to Tartarus.

Yeah…Hades is telling me the story, but it’s not quite ready for outline.

As for the rest of my goals (more patience with my son)…that was majorly derailed yesterday with the migraine (and with him pulling down his curtain rod and fixture hardware about an hour after my husband had left for work).  I’m trying to be a better mommy to both kids, and they really don’t usually make it as difficult as it was yesterday (though, both of them kept coming up, kissing my head, and saying “all better” (daughter) or “that helps” (son)).

Don’t forget–I’m giving away Survivors next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.