Goals for the week…

I think, since the dust has settled from the holiday season, I need to start writing goals for myself again.  It’s becoming increasingly clear that I’m going to have to be a bit more serious about my writing, given that the teaching part of my career is…tapering off.

Well, that’s not quite the right word.  It’s a long story, and I’m not sure how much of it I can/should share before I either quit or get fired.

So, without further ado, my goals for the week:

  • Write.  Write.  Write.  And above all, write.  I’d like to finish about three more chapters in first draft for the second Modern Gods book in the works.
  • Take another look at The Last Pendragon.  It’s finished, for the most part–just needs tweaking, maybe fleshing out here and there.  I just need to decide whether I want to try submitting it to a brick and mortar publisher, or keep up with my self-publishing trend.

(Honestly, I’m not really sure.  I have no clue how to advertise my own work, and I’m not really making much of a go of the works I’ve already published.)

  • When I hit writer’s block (as I often do), I need to pull up one of my other projects and either write on it, or outline it, or outline one of the other ideas I haven’t even started on yet.

I think that’s good, for now.  It’s about as ambitious as I’m willing to be, until I see how badly life decides to screw with my plans.