Goals? Heh. I should just stop setting them.

Last week, I set three: write, check into possibly sending Pendragon off to a publisher, and write some more.

I got a little bit of writing done.  One chapter/story is finished for the next Modern Gods book.  I got the research done.  I’m working on getting a submission packet together for a brick and mortar publisher.  I didn’t get nearly as much done as I’d hoped to, and I’d set some fairly modest goals.

Why?  I’ve been working on cleaning up the mess that I’m expected to teach.  I’m having to redo several documents, partially because the designer didn’t edit them, and partially because there are no due dates set.

So…this week’s goals?  Get that stupid course site cleaned up for the semester, and set up a count down to getting the semester done.  Because I’m done teaching online.

After that…write.  Because right now, it’s not my writing that’s putting food in front of my kids.

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