And how are you, this week?

I’ve gotten a whole bunch done–several stories outlined in about three or four sentences, grading is still about where it needs to be, and the textbook’s outline is shaping up–but one of the things I got done has derailed my writing temporarily.

We got my pantry set up.  However, the doing of said set-up has caused some major set-backs in the writing department.  Ripping out badly-done carpeting riled my allergies up something fierce.  Zyrtec helped, somewhat, on the day of the tear-out (everything but my eyes–which are still swollen, dry, and itchy), but left me feeling…strange.  Kind of echo-y in the mental department (worse than usual).  And Claritin last night helped some with the itchy, swollen eyes, but isn’t doing my brain any better.  So, writing’s on hold, until we get that back room done.  Since we’re going to be finishing the tear-out next Wednesday, it’ll probably be next weekend before I get any more writing done, between the allergies and allergy meds FUBARing my thinking capacity.

Thank goodness grading isn’t mentally challenging.  Emotionally, yes–especially patience–but not mentally.

Because I’ve got a butt-ton of grading coming up this weekend.