Coming up…

Our washer is going to be repaired sometime tomorrow.  The repair guy is currently on the road, coming back from Mississippi (and no, I didn’t ask).

We’re also getting an outdoor faucet installed tomorrow, sometime.  Same plumber as did the bathtub.

Thursday, we’ll be going to Lowes to get a contract together for what amounts to a new kitchen (new cabinets and counter tops–our stove and fridge are still in excellent shape, and the dishwasher is going to be plumbed in when they install the cabinets).

Friday is Andrew’s birthday, and we’ll be taking the kids and visiting his parents.  We’ll be leaving Daniel there with his grandma and grandpa overnight.

The good Lord only knows when we’ll get the replacement hose for our vacuum.  I’m becoming more and more sure that a mouse or three ate the holes in the vacuum hose we’ve got.  Does anybody know if it’s possible to sort of squash it together and duct tape it for the time being?  I still haven’t been able to clean up after the bathtub installation…

As for grading…I am still, by the grace of God, keeping up.

Writing…well, that’s a different story.  I’m still having trouble with that, mostly because of everything else going on at once.  I have managed to get past the writers’ block on one of my stories.  I wrote around a thousand words on the story, and about five hundred in the outline, all in about forty minutes last night.  I may have some vignettes in the Modern Gods world to post soon, but I won’t count on it until they’re written.