Okay, so the washer didn’t have a teeny-tiny sock stuck in the pump–the belt had come off of the pump after having gotten a sock stuck between the top of the washer tub and the rim of the washer, and jammed during a spin cycle.  Easy fix.  He just charged for the housecall.

When we moved in, we had an outdoor faucet.  However, the wrong kind of faucet was installed–it was a faucet for a washer–an indoor faucet–which led to the pipes repeatedly freezing and bursting.  We called somebody to cap it off after the third time it happened, because we didn’t have the time, energy, or cash to fully fix it.  The faucet has now been replaced.

We’ve rescheduled Lowes for next week.  The snow/sleet/ice storm had the roads so messed up that we didn’t get out until this morning, when we headed out for the visit with Andrew’s parents for his birthday.  The imp is staying with them tonight, and Andrew will pick him up at the halfway point between their place and ours before work tomorrow.

Grading is still going well, and so is writing.  I’m well on my way to finishing and publishing The Last Pendragon in about two more months, and will probably have written two more books over the summer (both of which I’m pecking away at now).  I’ve got about a half a dozen ideas for others to follow–five more in the Modern Gods series, one more in Pendragon, and possibly one or two more in the spare story I’m working on–the one that just came unstuck.

In the meantime, if you haven’t yet, click on the Miscellaneous Other Stories or Modern Gods Stories tabs up top, and tell me what you think.