The new hose for my vacuum should be here Saturday.  You wouldn’t think I’d be thrilled, but it’s shocking how much food falls off of a two year old and four year old after mealtimes.  The living room carpet has been demonstrating that for a while, now.

I’m pretty happy with my book sales for the last two months.  I sold a Kindle copy of Survivors (print copies also available) and two of The Godshead last month, and two print copies of The Godshead this  month.  I’d love to be selling more, but other than my blogging, and the Facebook account, I haven’t got the first clue about how to market my work.  So, I write, in the hopes that the more I write and publish, the more I sell, and the more people recommend me to their friends and families.

Speaking of writing…it’s going pretty well.  I’ll probably be publishing The Last Pendragon within the next two months–I’m aiming for an early-mid April publication date.  I’m hoping to be done with an initial draft of the next one I’m working on in early June, and a draft of the next Modern Gods book by August.  Oh, and I’m revising my textbooks I wrote for my online composition classes for a classroom version–and will be back in the classroom in August.

I’m setting a modest goal, this week.  I want to get another three or four chapters of the book I’m working on writing done by Sunday.  That’s about 5-7,000 words.  Not a lot, but it’s what I’ve been able to get done, lately.  Here’s hoping I manage.