I managed to accomplish one goal that I’d failed at last week.  There’s now an ADA statement on my course websites.

My living room is a humongous mess, but I’m working at de-cluttering the place.  And a lot of it is toys and dirty clothes that the kids have drug in (and will be dragging back out today or tomorrow).  The kitchen is…better.  Next week, we’ll look into finishing up setting up the pantry so that I can finish up the kitchen.

And…I’ve finally come un-stuck on the next Modern Gods book, tentatively titled either Road Trip or Highway to Tartarus.  It’s interesting–I’d been trying to write it wrong.  I’d tried to get it out from Hades’s first person perspective, but it just wouldn’t come out that way.  I set it aside, and thought about the other, unfinished story ideas I had for the world, and…the idea came into shape.  Apparently the Gods universe doesn’t want to be written as traditional novels, but as interconnected short stories.  Weird, huh?

So, I count this past week a semi-roaring success.  It’d be a lot better if the pixie hadn’t come down with something that’s caused her to have ear pain.