Inside the cover teaser

I’m nearly done reworking The Last Pendragon.  I’ve got a good idea for cover art, but am going to need to find someone who can capture it.  I used to be able to draw, but I fell out of practice a long time ago.

I’m planning to post a first chapter next week.  Without further ado…the teaser.


I sat up and reached for the shampoo, still thinking about escape.  My captor had successfully faced down a pack of werewolves to kidnap me.  That meant that there was more to him than met the eye, that he was a bigger, badder, nastier piece of work than an entire pack of werewolves.  I pursed my lips as I lathered my hair.  I’d also noticed that he seemed to be exerting a lot of control when he stepped between me and the pack leader.  The alpha male.  I thought about why as I ducked under the water, felt an idea teasing at the edge of my thoughts.  I held my breath and shook out my hair with both hands as I waited for it to come to me.

Wait.  When the two werewolves had shape shifted into (naked) men, the moonlight and shadows wavered around them, like a heat mirage that hid their change.  When my kidnapper had stepped out of the shadows into the clear moonlight, the light and shadows had wavered around him, too, but he hadn’t shifted.  In fact, that might be what he was trying to stay in control of.  A wolf wouldn’t have scared another pack, not unless he was part of a bigger pack.  If that was so, they still wouldn’t fear him without his pack; that meant he had to be something else.  But if he didn’t shape shift into a wolf, what did he shift into?  What would be scary enough to chase off an entire pack?

I sat up with a gasp as my air ran out and the idea teasing the back of my mind came to the front.  Werewolves weren’t the only things that shifted their shape, according to that remarkably accurate and factual bestiary.  Dragons did, too.

Suddenly, sitting in a natural spring that was almost too hot for my skin to stand, I felt cold.