Back to goalsetting

Because I’ve learned that, if I don’t have written goals, I get nothing done.

So, my goals for the week:

1. Get the kitchen back into working order.  We have had it in various stages of dismantled for the better part of two months, the last two weeks of it because of massive incompetence on the part of the manufacturer, Countertop Trends.  And that makes everything else in my life that much more difficult.

2. Get the house cleaned up enough that my husband doesn’t keep reinjuring his twisted ankle on kids’ toys, and makes it easier to do the next part.

3.  Rearrange the living room to make it more liveable.

4. WRITE!!!  I am capable of writing faster than what I’ve been managing.  At this rate, semester’s going to catch me with my second book only half finished in a first draft.  The messed up house is really distracting…as is a chronic lack of just enough sleep per night to make the things I need to do very hard for me to remember.

Thus…the return to the written list.