Goals and things

Well, the kitchen is mostly back in working order, but the living room getting rearranged is going to have to wait a bit longer, since Andrew’s ankle is still really bothering him.  Best about the kitchen?  Our old portable unit dishwasher (still works great) is going to be finding a new home with some very good friends of ours.  They’ll be picking it up tomorrow.

I got a bit of writing done, but I’m still not happy with where I am.  I’m about ready to have Andrew dump the kids off with my mother for a writing day.

So, my goals for this week…

1. Finish finding everything I need to make cookies, then make cookies.

2. Work on making the laundry area more functional.  There’s still a lot of kitchen stuff in the way back there, and I don’t have a lot of flat surfaces to work with.

3. Write!!  I can do so much better than what I’ve been doing.  I want to get a story written for every day of the week.