Goals and stuff

I still haven’t found my measuring spoons.  No cookies yet.  But I seem to have found almost everything else (except it seems about half of my forks and spoons have managed to run off somewhere).

I’ve got as much stuff out of the laundry area as I could get out with having to referee the kids’ fights–which have been constant, lately–and dealing with a migraine.  I have a lot more to do back there, including getting the rest of the moldy carpet pulled out from under the appliances.  I also need to get the extra dresser that we have back there for flat surface and storage.

I got some writing done…and then got hit in the face with a migraine.  I managed to finish one of the stories I’d been stuck on, though.  I’ve got about twenty stories written, and twelve more stories planned.

So…goals for this week…

1. Find the damn measuring spoons, or get new ones.

2. Get the closet hardware put up in the hall bathroom closet area.  I really want to get our hang up clothes moved out of our rather small bedroom.  The closet in the bedroom isn’t an option–it’s full of a water heater and boxes of off-season clothes.

3. Write seven of the twelve short stories, or half of the revised edition of my course textbook.