…and more goals…and stuff.

I bought new measuring spoons…and pretty much immediately found the ones I’d spent a couple of weeks looking for.  I have made cookies…and they are wonderful.

I got almost all of my revised textbook done.  I’ve got one sample essay left to write, so I’m pleased with my progress, there.  Maybe I can get the stress out and get some stories out.

I did not, however, get the closet hardware put up.  Too busy with other things.

This week?

1. Finish the damn textbook, print it, and set it aside for a week.  Then write the last dozen or so stories for Road Trip (tentatively titled sequel to The Godshead).  I’d really like to get a draft of Resurgent (sequel to The Last Pendragon) written before classes start back up on August 19.

2. Get the living room rearranged to make a good school room area for the kids.  My son, Daniel, is getting pretty serious about learning to read and write.

3. Get the closet hardware installed, and get the dress clothes moved.

Stay tuned for another “How To Write” post later in the week.  Yes, I know–I’m focusing on non-fiction rather than fiction, but it’s what I do for a living: teach college freshmen how to coherently arrange their thoughts on paper.