Yesterday was a very long, very busy day.  I got about two square yards of carpet ripped out, had a bit of stubborn padding to try to scrape up (and succeeded–white vinegar works pretty well as a carpet glue solvent…but it’s pretty stinky.  Sent my cats absolutely batshit insane trying to get away from the smell).

And then…the kids decided to act up around bath time.  Long story short, my son threw about half of his bathwater out of the tub onto his sister while she was sitting on her potty chair…and I was stuck in the kitchen in the middle of a job I couldn’t stop until I finished.  Little girl was as wet as if she’d gotten back into the bath with her brother.

I did get one story finished last night.  I’m kind of in the middle of plotting another one.  No, I didn’t get the writing I wanted to done.  I got a little bit done in the kitchen and pantry, but not as much as I’d hoped.

So…for this week:

1. Finish getting moldy carpet out from under washer and dryer.  It’s literally making me sick.

2. Finish redoing the textbook.  Things were as rushed and hectic as I assumed they were going to be last week.

3. Write as many stories as I can get written.