Been busy

Unfortunately, not with writing.

Our bedroom has been so cluttered with things that don’t belong in there that we couldn’t walk through it.  It only got worse when the clothes rack we had for our dress clothes* collapsed, and we had to put everything in a great big box.  Eventually, things were stacked even with the surface of the bed, jammed between the end of the bed and my husband’s dresser, four feet away.

Not restful.  And not much I could do about it…until last weekend, when we put up closet hardware in the wasted closet space in the end of the hall bathroom.

I’ve gotten all of our dress clothes hung up (and can see how much needs to be handed off to charity) now.  And that gave me the energy to get two-thirds of the rest of it out.

I’ve still got a lot to do–the winter clothes never got packed away, more like tossed aside; there’s a lot of stuff dropped in the eighteen inches between my side of the bed and the wall that needs to be cleared out; there’s about four boxes of stuff out of the living room that needs to be sorted; and last, we need to get more of the bookcases shifted around.

I got one of the shorter bookcases shifted back to the bedroom, and a four-shelf bookcase set up in the living room and stacked with books.  And I feel…better than I have in a while, emotionally.  I suppose books, even when I can’t really read** are my security blanket.

So.  Since I didn’t achieve any of my goals last week (except getting the last of the carpet out of the utility room), I guess the writing goals can just carry over to this week.

Update: Andrew pointed out that, with a two and a half and a not quite five year old, a tall bookcase is not a very good idea.  So much for that until the kids are older.

At least it reduces what I still have to do.

*Our bedroom closet is full of a fat little electric water heater.  There’s really no room for two people’s clothes.

**I say I can’t read, but it’s more like I can’t read paper books.  If I do, I get so far into it that I don’t notice what’s going on around me–not good when you’ve got two small children running around.

2 thoughts on “Been busy

  1. I have the same issue. When I read, I dissolve into the furniture. I think it’s residual self-imposed extreme escapism from when I was a child.

    What I’ve done with our bookshelves is make them from floor to ceiling and make sure they’re anchored multiple times into studs. Boo may still climb, but at least he’s unlikely to pull it down on himself.

    • Our ceilings are a little different. Someone dropped the ceilings in every room but the living room…where they put in an angled inset from the eight foot mark (where the ceilings were dropped to in the rest of the house) up to the original ten foot ceiling. I love that…but it makes floor to ceiling bookcases impossible.

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