Updates and goals

Well, the bookcases taller than three feet are all in the bedroom.  I couldn’t keep Kathryn out of them, and can’t really anchor the cheap, knock together ones to the wall.  So, no wall of bookcases full of books in the living room for me.

The bedroom is still very nice.  All of the clutter that doesn’t belong there is out.

This week, it’s the living room and hallway to get cleaned up, and the kids’ schoolroom area to set up.  Not nearly as much work, there.  Just a few boxes to sort…and a clutter-loaded desk to clear out.

On the other hand, my department head emailed me and told me that one of my courses didn’t “make,” there were dozens of students looking for a seat in a different course, so he opened another section of Composition II, and gave it to me.  I’m glad to still have two classes for the semester, but…I don’t have the textbook redone for Comp II, and it’s set for 10:00, instead of 8:00 (a problem, because it either splits my office hours, or makes sure I get home an hour later).

So.  Goals for the week:

1. Get the textbook rewritten for a traditional class, since it’s set up for an online class.

2. Get the living room completely clutter free to make keeping up with housework this semester easier.

3. Get the hallway cleared out so that my kids can have someplace to run when it’s raining (like it has been for the past week).

I probably won’t have any time whatsoever to work on either of my novels (Highway to Tartarus or Resurgent), but if I do, I will work on one.