Goals and stuff…

So far, we have a good start to the semester.  The kids seem to be adjusting well to Mommy working mornings and Daddy watching them, and my students seem to be adjusting well to a professor who makes them work from day one.  And participate.

As for last week…I got a bit done on the imp’s room.  We got his shelves set up for his toys, and have two cardboard boxes for his trains and cars to go in.  We got his rails (most of them, at least) set up and hooked together on the top of the shelves.

I cannot seem to get him to sort his toys for things to give away.  I guess I’ll have to do it for him.

Next month when I’ve got slack in the house-declutter schedule.

I did get a little bit of writing done, but it was all long-hand, and I don’t have any of it typed up just yet.  That will begin to change in a few minutes, since I’ve got another hour of office hours, and my work is done (and I don’t have any students who need help just yet).

So.  For this week…

1. I need to get a little bit more done in the master bedroom, so that I can start doing yoga again.  I discovered that I can’t do that in the living room, because the kids and cats get in the way.  And when I do the corpse pose (face down and limp to relax after I’m done with the rest of the flowing poses), I wind up with both kids sitting on my back, and the cats trying to eat my hair.

2. I need to try to get to bed earlier.  It’s bad enough to be draggin’ my ass on days I’m not working; I cannot do the same when I am.

3. I’m still trying to finish Highway to Tartarus.  I’ve got a good chunk of a story written; now I just need to type it.  I have two weeks before the first draft of the first paper is due for my classes–after that, if I’m not grading first drafts, I’ll be grading revisions.  All semester.  And I won’t have the time or mental energy to write.