Who knew that getting a semi-clean house and back onto campus would help me write faster?  I’ve got two stories under way, and a third and fourth on the back burner (though, I will admit, the other two are kind of world-filler).

Yep.  My house is semi-clean.  I’ve got the bedroom floor cleared enough to walk around the bed, I’ve managed to organize all the bedding into a couple of baskets, and all of the towels into a box on top of a small bookcase.  I’ve got plans for what I’m going to do with it all, but it’s going to have to wait until after I get my first paycheck in October.

(Actually, the first paycheck is the last working day of September, but still.  That’s six weeks away.)

Same with what I’d like to do to finish up the kitchen.

I do, however, now have the room to do yoga…if I’m careful.

So.  Goals.

1. I have four diaper boxes (200 ct) full of clothes to give away, sitting in various spots in the living room.  Those (some of them, at least) need to go out to the car to be taken to charity tomorrow, and the rest go out on Wednesday.  I also really need to organize my knitting so that it’s not overflowing everything around my chair.

2. I need to get used to using a weekly planner for keeping track of crap between my classes, Andrew’s new classes, Andrew’s work schedule,  and doctors/dentists appointments for the family.  Because I know I’m going to drop the ball somewhere if I don’t.

3.  I need to finish the three stories that I’m a third of the way through writing (yep–a third of the way through three different stories told through three different characters’ eyes), and maybe get a couple more done.  I’ve got three more stories vital to the plot development in Highway, then it’ll be rewrite time.