Feeling accomplished…

For a work-week, 1,500 words is a lot.  And that’s how much I’ve gotten written.

This week is going to be heavier in the work-load…and harder.  I’m picking up papers this week.

1. I need to get plans going for what I’m doing with my daughter’s room.  We’ll be taking her crib (a drop rail–something we can’t replace, since some parents are too dumb to be breeding and earn Darwin awards by killing their children because they can’t READ THE DAMN DIRECTIONS before putting something together) apart, wrapping the plastic bits in bubble wrap, and storing it behind her dresser in her room, or behind our dresser in our room.  She needs some type of storage for her toys, and both kids need their toys sorted through and thinned out before birthdays and Christmas.  It may be easiest to accomplish this while they’re out of the house…

2. I’m picking up first drafts of the first paper for both of my classes tomorrow.  I’m thinking I’m going to see something like forty-four or forty-five papers out of forty-six students (with two students in each class more than half-way to failing on attendance alone, who’ve missed the entire first paper’s classroom lectures and work).  For my Comp I class, I need to find four essays to link on Blackboard for them to write an analysis on, tonight.

3. Get as much writing done as I can.  It likely won’t be much, since I’m going to be grading, this week.