Can I collapse, now?

So, I graded the expected load of papers before the full week was up–turned them back to my students this morning.  I think I have what we’re going to do with the pixie’s room planned out (but that project is for next week, after I run the plans by Andrew, and thin out her toy collection a little bit while she’s spending the night with Grandma and Grandpa on Friday).  I found the duct tape, so we’re all set to wrap the crib parts in bubble wrap for storage.

And this morning, during my office hours, I finished one of the stories I’d started.  Another thousand words written, and added to the rest of the collection.

And I did most of the grading over the weekend, while I was dealing with a miserable cold.  And the kids both have it (actually, my daughter caught it first).  And, as of last night, Andrew’s got it, too.

So…for this week:

1. Get over this damn cold.

2. Write as much as I can while I’m busy with other things, like teaching (and preparing for another class’s papers to come in a week from today).

3. Go see Spamalot at a local theater this weekend with my beloved husband Andrew, and my mother in law watches the kids.  Yay!  Grownup date time!