I feel accomplished.

Why?  Because both of my kids’ rooms are clean.  We took the crib out of my daughter’s room yesterday (and all plastic parts are carefully wrapped in bubble wrap since the crib is LITERALLY IRREPLACEABLE as a drop-rail crib), and put in a set of shelves for her to put her toys in.

So, my major housework task for the week is already done.

What’s left?

1. Grading.  I’ve just had a set of papers handed in today.  I’ll be working on getting those graded before Friday, because the other set of papers comes in then.

2. Organizing and cleaning my laundry area.  There’s not much left that needs done there, but it really needs to be done.

3. Keeping up with regular housework.  A challenge when I’m working on grading papers.

4. Writing the story/chapter in my head that I woke up with this morning so that it STOPS BUGGING THE HELL OUT OF ME, and so that I can concentrate on grading my papers.

Guess which one I’m going to be working on first, after I get organized to streamline grading as much as possible…