Updates and goals

So, I’m about 46,200 words into Pendragon Resurgent.  I have the rest of it totally plotted out, so all I have to do is find the time (and energy) to write it.  There are about three or four chapters left, so call it about six hours of writing.  Then, I’ll set it aside to revise later, then send it to my beta readers.  Hopefully, I’ll have it ready for publication around late April or early May.

I’m also knitting Christmas gifts.  I’ve finished three stocking hats, and I’m working on one more, plus a scarf.  And I still need to find something for my mother.  I probably won’t find time to write that last bit until after I’m done with my knitting.

After I finish Pendragon Resurgent, I’ll be working on a horse story for a little girl. And then, I’ll be starting Fire and Forge, the next in the Modern Gods books (Godshead, Tartarus).  The Legends series (Pendragon, Resurgent) will be marked as done, for now–I don’t intend to write more right now, at least–so I’ll be working on newer projects.

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    • It is, but I still have something like 10-12,000 words left on Pendragon Resurgent that I’d hoped to have finished by last week, if I hadn’t gotten the suggestion that knitted Christmas presents would be a good idea.

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