Constructive criticism…I like it.

A friend of mine left a review of The Godshead on my Facebook page:

Hey Holly, just finished The Godshead. Took advantage of the free download weekend since the book budget isn’t as big as I’d like. Really enjoyed it. I know you just put out the sequel and I’m planning to read it when I find the time. One thing that would have helped me out (possibility for the next installment?) is a brief glossary type thing in the back with just a very brief background of each character. I know it might be difficult to do since there is so much info. I have only a passing knowledge of mythology, so being able to look up a character and get a quick summary (ie-name, god of ___, son of ____, and any prophesies, two-sentence summary of any story about them that relates to the plot, etc.) would have helped me get more out of the story. Again, though, I did really enjoy it and am looking forward to finding time for the sequel.

What does everyone else (both of you that read this blog) think of this suggestion?

2 thoughts on “Constructive criticism…I like it.

  1. I like it! When books get so convoluted I have trouble keeping track of the characters such a glossary contributes a lot to my enjoyment of the book.

    Meanwhile, keep scribbling.


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