I’m almost done with Pendragon Resurgent.  I’d gotten blocked on a transitional bit of non-action, and it finally came unstuck last week during my office hours.  I’ve since written about 5,000 words (yeah, I know–not that great a pace, compared to the 3,000 words/day I was getting done through November, but it’s certainly better than none at all).  All in all, I’ve got 54,000 words (about 117 pages, single spaced) done on the draft.  Before the block came unstuck, I was at 49,000 words.

I’ve got about four chapters left, I think, before the first draft is done.*

And after that, I’ve got that silly horse story for this very sweet little girl, which I will probably ask a friend to illustrate in charcoal.  Probably at either the beginnings or ends of chapters.

Then…I’m debating.  I do plan to go ahead with the next Modern Gods book, because that’s my favorite series (even if it’s not selling well), but after that, with the Legends series done, I’ll have to see which of my next three projects I have partially started come easiest.  Or if I’ll have to start one of the other three ideas that I have roughly plotted out but not started yet.

Stay tuned–I’ll be posting bits from the book probably starting next month.



*Just out of curiosity…would it be helpful to add in a bit of Sara’s magic theory from the Legends world?  And if so, should it go in as an appendix in Pendragon Resurgent, or be added as another page to this blog?