Work time!

So, I picked up papers from my students last Tuesday, which meant that office hours were the only time I could really get any writing done.  I did some; however, the nature of where I’ve been holding my office hours kinda precluded getting settled in to write.

That translates to getting about 3,000 words added to the word count, to bring it up to just about 57,000.

However, I’m done grading–finished it last night–and I’ll be turning in midterm grades today, either while the kids are napping, or after they go to bed.

That means time to write.  And lots of it: next week, I’ll have all week after the kids go to bed, and all day Thursday, since it will be free write day.*  I’m hoping to finish the first draft next week, then revise over Spring Break (the following week) and get a draft into the hands of my beta readers by the first week of April.