And working again…

I’ve had a totally unproductive week, last week.  Between being sick and having a bad case of brain fog, I got nothing done.

I am, however, feeling a lot better than I was.  The brain fog seems to have resolved itself, and I’m getting over my nasty head/chest cold.

Therefore, I’m going to finish that children’s book I’ve been working on.  I’ve got about two more chapters before I go back through and add some details.  After that, I’m going to finish the revision of Pendragon Resurgent.

I’m in the planning stages for Fire and Forge (Modern Gods 3), and am trying to narrow down what I’ll start working on after I finish a draft of that.  There are so many options, now that the Legends (The Last Pendragon, Pendragon Resurgent) books are done that I don’t know which to work on.

I do have a quick question, for anyone who reads this and cares to answer–should I put together a Guide to the Gods for $0.99, for Kindle, as well as publishing it here, and if I do, should I also add it as an appendix for Fire and Forge?

Ciao, for now.  I’m gonna get to writing.

3 thoughts on “And working again…

  1. Leaves out the people who downloaded Godshead, then put it down because they couldn’t keep up with who the characters were, though, and it would regularly be put up for free download.

  2. I’d definitely pay .99 for it. I enjoy mythology, but had to go look up a few of your characters, especially in the minor pantheons. It would definitely be useful as an appendix.

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