What will be on the back cover…

This is what I’ve come up with for the back cover for Pendragon Resurgent.  I’ll probably fiddle with it closer to time to publish, but I still have two more beta readers working on it, so it’s not ready yet.

Life is much better when nobody is trying to kill you.

Sara Hawke, now a university professor, has had five years where nobody was trying to kill her…if you don’t count her course load’s grading. Five years of watching over and helping raise orphaned young dragons.

Her comfortable life comes to an end when she’s attacked by Eastern Dragons, once again—this time, though, her attackers aren’t in the ruling elite. She’s in for the fight of her life again, only this time, Mordred is on the other side of the world, and she must first reach his side before they can succeed.

The running fight to survive brings to light old treachery, blackest magic…and new hope and new allies.

Next week, I’ll share the inside-the-cover teaser.