Teasing your interests…

Pendragon Resurgent is closer to ready for publication.  Here’s the inside-the-cover teaser.  Next week or so, I’ll post something else.

I flattened myself behind a fallen monolith as I heard voices.

“I assure you, my lady,” said a cool, cultured tenor with a hint of a familiar accent, “we are searching for the others. Two are dead, and the rest fled. We cannot prove that the Americans were involved.”

“This isn’t acceptable,” Morgan said flatly. “I have worked for centuries, slowly and carefully, to destroy the last of Arthur’s court. I would wake the young ones every few years—all but one at a time, who I would say succumbed to some type of reaction to the magic. Mordred never suspected, and if your people hadn’t slipped up, my success would be all but assured.”

“That is…a very long view you have taken, my lady. It is…interesting to see a Westerner with such a strategic and patient mind. Our paths yet lie together, my lady, and we will succeed. I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to work with you to achieve our mutual goals, and would know what your price is.”

“A child.”


“My…capabilities have weakened, through the centuries. I suspect it is because I had one, single, dragon child, and I would like to be able to boost my capability again,” she said. “I will have to, if I am to have a chance to defeat the whore my son has taken up with.”

Silence held for a few seconds. I risked peering out around the end of the stone block, and watched the Chinese man give her a hard stare for a moment, then nod his head once, almost in a shallow bow. “Of course, my lady,” he said, gesturing toward the road.

I pressed my face back into the dirt, wondering how in the hell I was supposed to tell Mordred about this…and wondering where in the hell he was.