Current projects

So.  I have published my last project, the sequel to The Last Pendragon, titled Pendragon Resurgent (finally–it was a month late from when I intended to publish).  It’s available for purchase from Amazon in either paperback or Kindle format (and if you have Amazon Prime and a Kindle tablet, you can borrow it–or any of my other books–from the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, and read it for free).  I’m honestly quite pleased with it.

As for upcoming projects…I’ll be publishing a children’s book as soon as I get the cover art for it, and a short story designed to support the Modern Gods world (The Godshead and Highway to Tartarus), hopefully within the next month or so.

I’ve finished a short story which may or may not be published here, depending on a few other circumstances–like whether the other short story I’m working on ends up too long to qualify for this contest.  I feel the other story, which is still in the writing stages, is a much stronger story, but…there is a limit of 8,000 words.

After that’s done, I’ll be starting on Fire and Forge.  I’ve got it all outlined and ready to write.  And the Modern Gods stories do come quickly and easily when I have the time to sit down and write.

After that?  I’ll start playing in the half a dozen different ideas that I have set up.  The Legends series (The Last Pendragon and Pendragon Resurgent) is done, for now, so that frees up some of my writing time for other projects.  We’ll see which one comes clear and most easily.