So, as of last weekend, I finished the stand-alone short stories I was working on.  The longest one is around 6,200 words–well under the 8,000 word limit of the contest I’d like to enter.  I’ve set it aside until this weekend, when I’ll go over it and revise it before entering it.

I have since begun writing on Fire and Forge.  I’m about an eighth of the way through the first story/chapter.  There will be something between 32 and 36 chapters, if things follow the outline.  Things don’t always work that way, and sometimes, something I think will work turn out to not work as well as I thought.

Last, but not least, four more copies of Pendragon Resurgent (sequel to The Last Pendragon) have sold, bringing the total sold up to fourteen.

I’ll be spending more time than usual writing, because I’ve made the muscles in my back quite angry with me, and can’t do much else.