Still working…

I’ve given the story I plan to submit to this contest a once over, and will be revising it again this week (it needs details like a bland dish needs salt).  I’ve got to be careful, though, because I’ve got an 8,000 word limit.  I should be done with it by the end of the weekend.  If it doesn’t make the grade, I’ll likely revise it again, with an eye toward putting it up for sale as a Kindle stand-alone.

“Bar Tabs” is almost done.  I’ll be giving it one more once-over when I finish my current project.  Then, as soon as I get the cover art, I’ll be posting it up as a $0.99 Kindle story (and offering it for free frequently).

I have the children’s story, Lizzy’s Tail, totally finished, and halfway through the publication process.  That is, again, stalled out by the cover art not being quite ready.

I’m working on Fire and Forge, but things are coming along…strangely.  The story chapters are a bit darker than I intended them to be.  I think real life is intruding on my imaginary world, and making it difficult to get things to come out like I want them to.  Here’s hoping things work out better in other chapters.

Last but not least, Pendragon Resurgent is still selling…but slowly.  I’ve sold a total of 21 copies over the month or so it’s been out.  Ten last month, and eleven so far this month, with one taken out through the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.