First week back.

Classes have started for MSSU, where I teach part time.  I have my classes starting in about half an hour, so I’ll keep this somewhat brief.

Daniel is having more difficulty than Kathryn in getting used to the routines and expectations of school.  He’s had some bad behavior days where he came home with word from his teacher.  He’s a hyper, adorable, talkative little boy, and has trouble listening, sitting still, staying quiet, and following directions.  Pretty normal–he’s six, and he’s not had preschool.  But it has been nerve-wracking, and has kept me distracted this week.

Kathryn managed to catch something her first day of preschool, and started showing symptoms on Sunday night.  She’s better, now, but I managed to catch it from her, and I’m still trying to fight it off.

Even with all that, I’ve gotten several more chapters written–word count is up to 74,000–and only have five more to go.  I’m estimating this book will end up around 90,000 words, or around the length of The Godshead.

As for the stuff I actually have written…well, my cover artist is a bit preoccupied in preparing for her wedding in a few months.  I haven’t gotten the cover art delivered yet.  I’m hoping to get that soon, though.

We’ll see, and we’ll see what the final day of class for the week sends home with the kids, and what the weekend brings.