Sit down and write.

People often say that they want to write a book.  Okay.  My response to that is “What’s stopping you?  Just start writing it.”

I’ve always tried to write a little on SOMETHING every day.  It’s not always fiction.  Sometimes it’s a blog post, sometimes it’s a scrap of an idea I’d had on a handy scrap of paper (often, it’s that, actually), and sometimes it’s just a head- and emotion-clearing journal entry just before bed.

But writing is a habit.  And it’s one that, when I miss a day (or a week) due to chronic illness stepping in (ask if you want to know, but I won’t be mentioning it that much), or due to being behind on grading, I feel it.  I need to write.  When I don’t, my mental well being slips.

Last weekend, Andrew took Friday off, partially so we could get a few things done.  I mentioned that I wanted to go look at Office Depot for a desk.  I wanted a price point to shoot for.  Ours has a DAV thrift store in the other half of the building, and that thrift store had EXACTLY the desk I was looking for, just a little smaller than what I’d planned, and a little different in drawer capacity.  No chair.  But the desk itself cost a hair under $27.  Much less than what I was cringing about having to pay.

It’s going to be my work desk.  I’m going to be spending a lot of my days at it, writing, in little more than a month and a half (classes are finished on the first Friday of December, and I’m not required to be in my classroom during final exams time, just have something graded set for that two hour block of time for each class).  Right now, I’ve got a decently comfortable side-chair pulled up to it, but I do need a chair that will fit in the exactly 18″ knee hole.

I have found that I actually am more productive, working here.  A LOT more productive.

I got the third from last edit done to a 92K word manuscript done in seven hours, sitting here.  While I was doing that, I added another 2K words to a story I’d started that will go in a collection that I plan to publish in a couple months.  When the story’s finished, I’ve got one more planned, and that one’s actually mostly scribbled out in a draft book.  Just got to transcribe it.

And this…this is just since last Sunday, when I sat down at the desk to try it out.

I guess my final word on the whole subject of writing is this: find a place where you feel productive, and sit down and write.  Every day.  Before you realize what you’re doing, you’ll have your book written.