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I spent last night finalizing the last edit (and it didn’t save everything in the last save–I mean, it did in the story, but not the acknowledgements).  Then, I went to CreateSpace.  Their cover creator page befouled itself and flat refused to work at all.  Therefore, I went to Amazon–they’re starting their own print on demand paperback publishing options.

It wasn’t too much different from CreateSpace, honestly.  Makes sense, considering CreateSpace was initially an Amazon subsidiary.  We’ll see how quality stacks up.  If it’s not up to the same may try going back with the next book I’m working on (hopefully finishing in November, along with two other half-finished projects) in the hopes that it may have been a temporary glitch or something.

So, yeah, this happened:

It went live around 11:00 pm last night, and has sold two copies so far.  Yeah, it’s priced a little higher (and the paperback will be a LOT higher, considering that I need to make at least a little off of it, and apparently, Amazon’s paperback print on demand pays out differently from CreateSpace’s).  But it’s also a free read via Kindle Unlimited.

This is the third book in the Modern Gods series.  First is The Godshead, second is Highway to Tartarus.  Then comes the short story explaining who’s who, and a bit of their back stories: “Bar Tabs.”  All of these are Kindle Unlimited reads, so if you subscribe, you’re not out anything extra, costs wise, to check out a new writer.

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