Updates and quality assessment

Amazon finally connected the paperback and electronic copies of Fire and Forge.  Order the paperback copy, and you get a free electronic copy.

I’ll have to see if I can modify my other books to do the same.

I have to say that, at this point, I do not recommend Amazon’s paperback print on demand service.  While yes, tracking sales is greatly simplified, there are issues with other parts of the service; namely, the ability to order author copies at printing cost, and the overall quality of the books themselves.

I was pleasantly surprised when my first CreateSpace paperback copies arrived.  The quality was incredibly high. The paper was crisp, off-white, and smooth.  Good quality.  The covers were glossy, heavy cardstock, and the binding was a solid layer of glue in the spine.  Amazon’s?  The binding’s good, but the paper is rough, pulpy.

That completely leaves out the simplicity of ordering author copies through CreateSpace.  There was a separate section in the page where you built your draft for the author to order author copies at print cost.  There were shipping costs, but I only paid their cost, not cost-plus like Amazon’s paperback service does.  Yeah, you get royalties from buying your own work, but that…you shouldn’t have to offset your ordering costs like that, when you’re not getting that money for 60 days at least.

I used Amazon’s service partially because I wasn’t able to get CreateSpace’s cover creator page to actually work.  I will not be using it again, not until they fix the mess that is their author interface.  And I’d like a bit higher quality for the price they make you charge to get anything actually back.

EDIT: The Godshead, Highway to Tartarus, The Last Pendragon, and Pendragon Resurgent are all Kindle Match: buy the paperback, get the Kindle copy free.