Feeling accomplished

I survived both Christmas Break and three snow days in a row without snapping too badly.  Including a frozen/broken water pipe incident on day 3 (and its repair, yesterday).

I’ve finished the last read-through/revision of Detritus.  I’m walking it through Amazon’s KDP process now.

My house is mostly clutter-free, with just a few things to finish straightening up/gathering up for giving away.

I have another project (Normalcy Bias) finished in the first draft, with feedback from first readers to get that revised, and The Schrodinger Paradox is barrelling towards being finished.

I have the next project actually mostly outlined, as well as started.

Shopping is done for the week, and I have another hour and fifteen minutes to write before I go get the kids.

Yeah, there’s still a lot to do, but there’s also a lot done.  I’m choosing to focus on what I have done, instead of what I still have to do, because if I do otherwise, it’s overwhelming.