It’s live!

Detritus fought me.  It wanted to go the way it wanted to go.  I had writers’ block every couple of days writing this beast.  I wasn’t expecting the main character’s decisions, the kids’ reactions, the neighbor (at all), or for this to end the way I wanted it to.

The story itself sparked off of a Metallica song: “Low Man’s Lyric” from Reload.  Other music I listened to while I wrote was Shaman’s Harvest’s album Red Hands, Black Deeds, their Smokin’ Hearts and Broken Guns, and The Pretty Reckless’s Going to Hell.  I also listened to a couple of “best of” type Rolling Stones albums.

Part of how it fought me was that it refused to be longer than a novella.  Right now, this is it.  Who knows if another song will spark another part?  I’ve got it priced fairly reasonably for a novella, I think.  And it’s available to read for free if you subscribe to Amazon’s update of the old concept of a subscription library, Kindle Unlimited.

Without further ado: