Petty annoyances

So, I fought with the blog all weekend to update the sidebar with my books.  I’d put out three more pieces since the ones that were showing: “Bar Tabs,” Fire and Forge, and Detritus.

I failed.  Hell, even posting a thumbnail showing the cover instead of a simple link in the post announcing Detritus didn’t work right.  Something just won’t work between WordPress and Amazon’s embed the cover html code.  And I don’t know how to fix code, so…yeah.

Ended up just adding another page to the blog.  Up along the top, between the header and the blog text, there’s a page listing my books in their series, and in their proper order.  Yes, it is growing.  It will continue to.

Last Friday, my headphones died.  The wire broke, down next to the plug.  That was the third pair I’d bought in ’17, and it lasted less than a month.  I spent, in all, $50 on headphones last year.

And the fail point is always the same: the wires break somewhere near the little plug.

I spent $50 on a Bluetooth capable pair that can also work wired…which means that the wire is replaceable.  And I shouldn’t need to buy another pair in six months or less.

This morning, I thought my keyboard had given up the ghost.  Neither it nor the laptop were seeing each other.  Yes, my especially for comfort during writing sessions ergonomic keyboard that’s less than six months old.  I decided I was going to get a new keyboard, a cheap USB one that might be a little quieter than this monster, then was advised to plug it in and try a hard restart.  I plugged it in, accidentally elbowed a key, and my browser shut down.  All the stupid thing needed was to be threatened with replacement.

The dishwasher likes to do that, too: refuse to work until I call the repair guy, then work when he gets here.

I’m getting really tired of all these petty annoyances stacking up and making my life harder than it should be.