Progress…of a sort

I got an edit of Normalcy Bias done.  I’ll be setting it aside for a couple days and alternating editing a friend’s work and writing on my next project for now.

Yesterday, I didn’t get any writing work done.  Instead, my daughter tattled on my son, so I sent her to her room.  And then I told him to put all of his books on his bookshelf.  No, all of them.  All of them, son.  That means you have to find all of the books in the mess of trash, clothes, and hoarded toys you call a room.

I spent three hours helping him with that.  I helped him sort out three loads of wash (he’d been chucking dirty clothes into whatever was handiest to get them off the floor and out of sight), two giant bags of trash, and three boxes of toys he’d outgrown.

And Andrew took over the rest of my chores and cut apart the 9.75 lb tube of meat, made tacos, and cleaned up (mostly–there’s a few things left to do).

Today was spent in a fog.  But a mildly productive one.  I did get a little done on the book I’m editing, and I got a little done on the one I’m writing.  So there is progress, of a sort, and I will take that after yesterday.