Counting down…

This week is Spring Break.  I haven’t fallen further behind, but I haven’t caught up any more than I managed Sunday.  It’s really not easy to work with the kids under my elbows.  Kathryn wants to “clean up” and “sweep the floors” but takes close supervision to not make a bigger mess and/or lose the things she’s “putting away.”

And Daniel wants to draw, color, make paper airplanes, and in general carpet the family room with loose papers that get scrunched and wadded up from getting walked on, then wail about his “beautiful artwork” that littered the floor.  (And no, it’s not beautiful.)

The TV is nearly constantly on, too.  And they’re fighting over what to watch.

It’s Wednesday, though.  I’ve got two more days before the weekend, then two more before I can send them back to school for another eight weeks.

That said, I did manage to add 9,000 words to Bite Sized since Sunday.  I’m hopeful I can actually finish a first draft before the end of the month.  It’s currently 34K words (just checked), and I’ve got probably another 10-15K words before I hit the actual solution of the problem the characters are working.  And probably another 5-10K of resolution and setting up for the next one.

And then I’ll set it aside for a week or so before I dig into revision and developing some of the bits I’ve left as little more than framing and scaffolding.

(I may start typing up the next Modern Gods at this point–Hades is starting to pester me a bit, and I’ve got bits and pieces written out long hand in a draft book.  I also need to start figuring out a cover for the one I’m currently working on.)