I’m just about to go get a second cup of coffee, so I’m not ready to keep writing, yet.  I got Survivors set up to link the paper edition to the Kindle edition, and then set it for the MatchBook that Amazon has set up.  As of now, if you order one of my books–any of them–in paper copy, you get the Kindle version for free.

I’ve managed a REALLY good week of writing in spite of it being Spring Break with cranky, bickering kids stuck inside half the time because of cruddy weather.  Five thousand words last Sunday, and 2,000 words every day since.  I think I’m within spitting distance of the end of the book.  I may manage to finish the first draft on Wednesday.  Definitely by the end of next week.  I’ve got two sets of rewards in mind for hitting the the goals: if I can hit Wednesday’s, I’ll empty one of my favorite fountain pens and re-ink it with the purple iron gall ink I got for my birthday (I NEED the waterproof ink for my draft books, because I have cats); if it doesn’t happen until the end of the week, I’ll still celebrate by taking a day off and reading a book.  A REAL book.  One that smells of paper and binding and ink.

Hell, if I manage to finish Wednesday, I’ll do both.

In any case, when I finish, it’s getting set aside for a few days.  I’ll be starting my next project during that time–probably planning, and looking for the right music for it.  I likely won’t start writing on it until after I’m done with the first edit of Bite Size, and it’s off to my beta readers.