Okay, then.

I’m still working on Bite Sized.  Last week wasn’t a good one, health wise.  I’m hoping this week will be better.

That said, when I started the revision, the book sat at 43.2K words.  I’m just barely over halfway through the rewrite, and it’s busted 50.5K words.  Yeah, I’ve added 7K words in less than half the book, fleshing things out that seemed to need it when I did my read through.

I’m sure my beta readers will have bits they want fleshed out, too.  By the time this sucker’s done, I may have added half again what I wrote in my first draft.  Or more.

I have a few photos for cover art.  They are below.  I’d like feedback over which one would be best for a vampire/buddy PI novel.

large (2)art-blur-close-up-580631backlit-dark-light-878979

Call ’em 1, 2, and 3–top to bottom.