Huh. Weird combo.

I listened to Shaman’s Harvest, Rolling Stones, and blues while writing DetritusIt was initially inspired by “Low Man’s Lyric” from Metallica’s Reload album.  Blues fit.

Normalcy Bias was written over a great deal of time, in bits here and there, long hand, while I was stuck on other projects.  I don’t remember what I was listening to–or at least, I don’t, until I start reading the stories, then snatches of songs play while I re-read the work.

I listened to In This Moment’s Ritual when I was writing part of Bite Sized, and Avenged Sevenfold (both their self-titled album and Hail to the King) for part.

I’ve been looking for the music that works for Gods and Monsters (Modern Gods 4).  I think I may have found what works best for the mood: Fall Out Boy.  I haven’t struggled with it, per se, but the mood’s been a little heavier than the earlier books.

I’m not entirely certain that this will lighten it up, but it will add the snark.  And it’ll brighten it up until you look deeper.

Because FOB is like a sucking chest wound: all bubbly and dark.