Well, damn. Hijacked again.

I intended to start writing about Iris’s and Luke’s back yard that they worked so hard on getting torn up by the creatures that keep appearing (the mutant subplot that took over my book) or one about Freya (who also wants in).

That…isn’t what’s coming out.  Hades jumped in line, and the plot of the chapter has little to do with the rest of the story, at this point.  I don’t know if or how that’s going to change.  No, Hel’s having issues with post-partum depression.  Yeah, Hel.  The one who didn’t have to leave her infant in the care of others.  And Persephone hasn’t had problems with ppd.

Yes, it will go into the book.  I feel it’s important, and it is distracting Hades et. al. from helping to contain the beasts.  I’m just…floored.  My project has been hijacked a second time, and there’s nothing I can do but write through it.

5 thoughts on “Well, damn. Hijacked again.

    • They are. And sometimes, I even have time to sit at the computer and transcribe what I’ve written, and have the focus to get it done. Phone business–of which there was a LOT this week–leaves me mentally wrung out.

  1. I hate when that happens. What’s worse is when you’re in the middle of one project and your muse starts pestering you with a completely different idea. That’s where I’m at right now: I’m in the middle of a hard-boiled mystery and my muse wants me to start working on a fantasy adventure.

    • My vampire character from another series is beating Hades around the back of the head, telling him to shut up, let me finish up this book, so I can get to the second one in the Liquid Diet Chronicles.

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