Still working…

I’m also working on taking care of the things the kids need to do over the summer: finding a new doctor (theirs retired, but we succeeded), doing dental stuff (about half done), doing fun classes for learning to use school resources (done and over with), and swim lessons.  Which are scheduled for next month, but not yet paid for.

All of this takes time.  And energy.  And tends to yank me out of the writing groove.

I’m not done.  I’ve gotten a bit under half written.  I’m hoping to get this sucker out by the end of August, at this point.

I am having a lot of fun–I’m learning things about my characters that I didn’t know.  Things keep happening that I didn’t plan for.  And this…this is the fun part of writing.

3 thoughts on “Still working…

  1. Don’t know what your plans are for Modern Gods but I was reading about the differences between the Roman Mars and the Greek Ares.

    Assuming that the Roman Mars exists, I wonder what he’d think about Ares.

    Also does Hercules (either by his Roman name or his Greek name) exist in the Modern Gods universe?

    • In the Modern Gods world, the Romans appropriated the Greek gods (which is what they did when they stepped in and took over when the city-states fractured and failed). Caused a bit of split personalities for a while, but the best thing that happened to the pantheon was no longer having to live (down) to human expectations of behavior in the morality tales when worship faded.

      Hercules existed at one time, but he did cause his own death. It was harder to do than it would have been if he had been straight up mortal, but he managed.

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